At Sci-Tech Communications, we want to broadcast your scientific achievements to the world.

To do this, we must share a clear vision of what we aim to convey, to whom and why. Members of our staff are familiar with an array of scientific fields and can help to craft this vision.

We start by appointing an appropriate team leader who discusses your work with researchers, technicians, public relations experts and others, and then plans and produces a publicity campaign to meet your goals.

We identify writers, designers, and film directors appropriate to your subject matter and intended audience. Working in teams, we employ their expertise to create appealing informational products that serve your goals.

It is our sincere hope that we can help bring your scientific achievements into the spotlight so that your work can advance on a global scale.

President & CEO
Shinko Yuri
Graduate of the Department of Applied Physics the School of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology. Knight Fellow at Stanford University (1994 – 1995). Assisted with the editing of Nikkei Science while still at university, becoming a freelance editor and writer after graduation, and writing and editing for Newton and Nikkei Science. Founded Sci-Tech Communications Inc. in 1998.