Production of articles

Listen to the story, capture it in words, transmit it. This is the basis of relaying information. The value of the information varies greatly, however, depending on what you ask and how you express what you learn. We mainly handle technical and scientific information. We turn it into articles that may be highly detailed, and are often exciting. It all depends on the client’s objective. This is the core of our work.

Production of PR brochures and pamphlets

Information now spreads across the Internet, and its transmission through printed matter appears to be on the decline. In fact, though, print is still thriving as a medium, passing from hand to hand and disseminating information widely. We create publications with visuals that attract the reader, and lucid text that lingers in the memory.

Production of websites, web content and e-books

The Internet is literally overflowing with information. In this situation, how can you convey the information you want to publicize? This can be challenging, but we will work with you, optimizing your knowledge and our expertise to find the best solution.

Production of moving images

Moving images are profoundly persuasive. Utilizing this power effectively, we can help you highlight the alluring aspects of your information.

Production of museum exhibitions

People can experience science and technology in a relaxed environment at a museum. We suggest exhibition plans that effectively fuse displays, panels, moving images and other presentational tools.

Support for PR events

Seminars and symposia are vital ways to provide direct meeting points for those who want to let people know, and those who want to find out. We provide an array of ingenious ways to ensure that your event proves to be significant and memorable.

Overseas transmission

In our global era, information and people race all around the world. We promote the transmission of information about Japan’s science and technology in the English language to ensure that it reaches the people and places that need it.