Etsuko Furukori
Science producer/writer
Areas of expertise: ChemistryLife sciencesMedicineHistory of science
Graduate of the Department of Chemistry in the School of Science, and of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences, at The University of Tokyo.
Research fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1993-1994). Participated in the establishment of Sci-Tech Communications after working as a director and editor-in-chief at Mita Publishing Ltd. Among other activities, Ms. Furukori interviews, edits and writes for publication, creates web content,, conducts surveys and research publicity, and plans exhibitions.
Sakiko Fukushima
Science producer/writer
Areas of expertise: AstronomySpace development
Worked for Kaisei-sha and Gakushu Kenkyusha on planning and editing books, and as a planner, editor and writer at Newton. Participated in the establishment of Sci-Tech Communications after leaving Mita Publishing Ltd. Ms. Fukushima creates PR material for the Graduate University for Advanced Studies and other national research institutions and universities.
Seiko Aoyama
Science producer/writer
Areas of expertise: ChemistryLife scienceComputational science
Graduate of the Department of Chemistry, in the Faculty of Science at Ochanomizu University. Master’s degree from the Graduate School of Science, Ochanomizu University. Completed coursework in the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Humanities and Science, Ochanomizu University. Ms. Aoyama joined Sci-Tech Communications after working in R&D at the Research Development Corporation of Japan (the present day JST), in the editorial office of Tokyo Kagaku Dozin’s Chemistry Today, and as a translator for Nature. She is involved in the creative side of PR publications for many research institutions, websites and exhibitions, and also works as a part-time writing instructor at Waseda University.
Akiko Ikeda
Science producer/writer
Areas of expertise: Life scienceChemistry
Graduate of the Department of Biotechnology, in the School of Bioscience and Biotechnology at Tokyo Institute of Technology, she then completed the Biotechnology Course at Tokyo Tech’s Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnology. Ms. Ikeda joined Sci-Tech Communications after working in the pharmaceutical safety division of Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. (now Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corp.) and as a reporter for TBS Radio. Ms. Ikeda now edits, prepares and writes articles for science magazines and institutional publications.
Akio Etori
Science producer/special adviser
Graduate of The University of Tokyo, Mr. Etori worked for Nippon Educational Television Co., Ltd. (now TV Asahi Corp.), and Tokyo Channel 12 Production, Ltd. (now TV Tokyo Corp.) before working on the launch of Nikkei Inc.’s Nikkei Science (Japanese edition of Scientific American), to which he was appointed as the first editor-in-chief. Later, he wrote articles and columns for various publications, including journals published by research institutions and universities as well as publications aimed at general readers. Mr. Etori has served as Special Adviser to Sci-Tech Communications since its establishment. He also founded a non-profit organization, “Science Communication,” over which he presides, along with other science journalists and veteran university and research institute scientists.
Seishi Katayose
Science producer
Graduate of the Department of Newspaper Studies in the School of Political Science and Economics at Waseda University. After working at the publishing bureau of Nikkei Inc., Mr. Katayose became deputy-editor of Nikkei Science, then editor-in-chief and director of the editorial department. He is involved in planning and editing books in the fields of science, economics and art. At Sci-Tech Communications, Mr. Katayose works on editing and producing various publications and web content.
Ayako Yamamoto
Producer/exhibitions director
Graduate of the Department of Drama in the School of Literature at Meiji University. Ms. Yamamoto moved from a corporate PR journal to a company creating exhibitions, and has considerable experience in the production of moving-image exhibits at public cultural facilities and the writing of explanatory texts. At Sci-Tech Communications, Ms. Yamamoto is in charge of exhibition-related work and planning, editing and production of moving-image content, online-learning materials and scientific magazines.
Kikuo Arai
Graduate of Chuo University. At the publishing house Jiji Gaho Sha Inc., Mr. Arai was in charge of producing PR materials focusing on environmental issues and science and technology policy. Involved in website production from the earliest days of the Internet, he is in charge of launching websites, writing, editing and producing for public sector institutions. At Sci-Tech Communications, he works as the producer and production manager in various media.
Yuko Hiratsuka
Science producer/writer
Areas of expertise: PhysicsStatistics
Graduate of the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science Division I, Tokyo University of Science.
Worked on the safety analysis of nuclear power plants at a Toshiba group plant engineering company before launching a career as a freelance writer. Also became active in the planning and editing of technical publications at Tokyo Tosho Co., Ltd. After serving as Editor-in-Chief for Science Window magazine at the Japan Science and Technology Agency, Ms. Hiratsuka joined Sci-Tech Communications.
Yumiko Hiramatsu
Administrative staff
Administrative staff

Writer and Editor in English

John Boyd
English writer
Freelance writer and editor based in Japan, specializing in science and technology. Currently special correspondent for Spectrum, a monthly magazine published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Conducts interviews and writes articles for e-newsletters including the Tokyo Institute of Technology Bulletin, and the Toyohashi University of Technology TUT Research. At Sci-Tech Communications, Mr. Boyd is in charge of writing, rewriting and proofreading English articles.
Elisabeth Rubinfien
English editor
Editor and writer based in the United States. Holds a B.A. in Zoology/Cellular Biology from Pomona College, and an M.S. in Journalism from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Has held the positions of reporter, editor and manager at newspapers in the United States, including in Tokyo and Moscow as a foreign correspondent for the Wall Street Journal and as on editor and manager at the San Jose Mercury News. Ms. Rubinfien currently teaches journalism and works freelance. At Sci-Tech Communications, she handles editing and proofreading English articles.